28/03/01 - Quick Update

The lack of activity here may have given you the impression that I have given up. The reality is I have a lot to do at the moment and no time for PocketPC development.

This will leave Image Explorer in it's Light Edition state for much longer than I hoped. However, I aim to have a version with full screen and presentation modes ready for early summer. It will still be freeware.

If you are looking for the Image Explorer code word, the form is at the bottom of this page.

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23/10/00 - Jumble Updated Again

After testing the last version, I found that sometimes I could not finish the game because of the last two pieces. After some analysis, I came to the conclusion that sometimes the puzzle was impossible to solve.

Jumble 1.3 addresses this problem and should only generate solvable puzzles. I have also made it possible to play the game without lifting your stylus allowing faster game play.

I am truly sorry for the problem with previous versions and I hope the game did not cause too much frustration!

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21/10/00 - Jumble Updated

Being back at university, development has slowed down. However, I have managed to update the popular Jumble puzzle game.

The game has had a face lift to make it a bit more attractive, but more importantly, it now supports more images. The new version can now let you play with Windows Bitmaps (2bp, bmp), all GIF formats (gif), standard and progressive encoded JPEGs (jpeg, jpg, jpe) and X-Windows bitmaps (xbm).

30/09/00 - Image Explorer Download

For some reason, PocketGear.com have not put Image Explorer LE into their database after a weeks of asking. So, the program is now available for download from here.

21/09/00 - Image Explorer LE

Being disappointed with the image viewer bundled with my Pocket PC and not finding a cheap picture viewer, I decided to create my own. The good news for you is that Image Explorer is currently available as freeware.

This release can display images without restriction. However, several functions are disabled as they are either still in development or not yet implemented.

18/09/00 - Task Monitor Released

Manage your running tasks and monitor your program memory easily with Task Monitor. A simple and familiar interface allows you to stop and activate tasks rapidly.

Notable features include program memory usage history displayed as a graph and hardware button support for even more efficiency. Task Monitors ability to close itself means it does not take up memory and processor cycles when not in use.

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14/09/00 - Task Monitor Out Soon

The program is now being prepared to be released some time next week.

Thank you to all beta testers who provided feedback and suggestions. The five winning beta testers are:

  1. James Graham
  2. Stephen Harding
  3. Adikes
  4. Guenther Stany
  5. Anthony Caruana

Winners should expect an advanced copy of the final product soon.

06/09/00 - Task Monitor Beta2

There have been many fixes in this new beta. The stopping procedure has been improved and is more sophisticated. I am looking for more people to test it (especially iPaq owners) before a final version is released.

This program would probably be released as commercial software (if I get enough money I can get my own iPaq and create more software). However, the most responsive Beta testers could receive a complementary copy.

02/09/00 - Task Monitor Beta

One of the programs that you feel that you need most is a task manager. When I looked for whats available, I found that most tried too hard. I didn't want it to invade and clutter my Pocket PC interface with icons and buttons all over my screen. So, I made my own. Task Monitor is based on the Task Manager from Windows NT with a graph that displays memory usage. I am now looking for people to test an early Beta version.

31/08/00 - File Explorer Launcher

When you leave File Explorer and return to it via a shortcut from the start menu, it always goes back to the My Documents folder. Getting a bit fed up of going through the directories all the time or having to Activate it from settings, I created this tiny launcher to act as a shortcut for File Explorer.

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26/08/00 - Site Redesigned

I have updated the site for easier navigation and for viewing with Pocket Internet Explorer on your Pocket PC. Make sure the Fit to Screen option is selected. A links section has been added to list the Pocket PC web sites that I find most useful. There is also a new feedback page so that you can easily send comments or ideas for future programs.

19/08/00 - Jumble Released

To get started with Pocket PC development, I decided to create a little game called Jumble. I named it Jumble because it is the classic game of sorting a shuffled picture.

12/08/00 - TangCode Launched

I am Richard Tang, a student in the United Kingdom. As an effort to learn the C++ Programming Language and Win32 programming, I got my eMbedded Visual Tools from Microsoft® so that I could develop programs for the Pocket PC platform. To share my creations, TangCode was created. It is a bit basic at the moment, but there should be a redesign soon. Thank you for visiting.

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