File Explorer Launcher

  • Version 1.0
  • Released 31/08/00
  • Freeware


File Explorer Launcher is a tiny program that is designed to replace shortcuts to File Explorer.

When you launch File Explorer using normal shortcuts, it always goes back to the "My Documents" folder. This is a bit annoying as it means you have to browse back to the folder you were working in. If the folder had a lot of files in it, you have to wait for the files to load again.

File Explorer Launcher looks like and acts like a normal shortcut to File Explorer. The only difference is that if File Explorer is already running, it is activated, returning you to the folder you were last using.

Freeware Download (47KB)

Read the readme.txt file for installation details.

Extensive testing has only been done on the Casio Cassiopeia E-115. Report any problems to support@tangcode.co.uk.