• Version 1.3
  • Released 23/10/00
  • Freeware


The aim of the game is to rebuild an image by sorting the tiles. Get on the high score list by completing the puzzle with the fewest moves or in the shortest time. Of course, some images would be easier to play with than others. Suitable for all members of the family.

The game has three modes - easy, normal and hard. You can browse for images to play with. Supported file formats are Windows Bitmaps (2bp, bmp), all GIF formats (gif), standard and progressive encoded JPEGs (jpeg, jpg, jpe) and X-Windows bitmaps (xbm).

Freeware Download from PocketGear.com (62KB)

I hope you like the game. Extensive testing has only been done on the Casio Cassiopeia E-115. Report any problems to jumble@tangcode.co.uk.

If you have installed the Pre Release version of Jumble, it is highly recommended that you upgrade it by downloading the latest version.